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Welcome to THL!

I’m Charlotte. I’m 25 and somewhat reluctantly living in the south. I claim to write about religion and books and personal growth but mostly I just write about Harry Potter (with a sprinkle of how much I hate capitalism thrown in for good measure). I read a lot and review books over on Filthy Casket with my buddy Liz. I’m pursuing a degree in physics, which is absolutely hilarious to me.

My talents include over-analyzing everything I say and do, catching on to trends approximately two months after they go out of style, and eating Hostess cupcakes in the middle of the night. In my spare time I like to lay on my bed and think about all the things I said I’d accomplish in my spare time. I have a love for eating cobbler and pie, bowling with the bumpers up, and reading Catholic books. I like sunsets and early mornings and driving to the one store in town that carries peach Snapple. I dream of motherhood (well, of naming babies but like I guess motherhood, too) and travelling in outer space.

And I really like to write out all my jumbled thoughts on this ol’ blog.

Glad you’re here.

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