Harry Potter Questions

If you're anything like me, you read the Harry Potter books fairly frequently. And if that's the case, you may also find yourself texting your friends at two in the morning to ask them burning Harry Potter questions. 

In the quest to be less inconsiderate, I'm just going to make this a page on the blog that way I can write my questions/thoughts here and then send them to my friends at a more convenient hour. Obviously this will be ongoing. If you have any questions or thoughts, feel free to add. :)

Since Lucius Malfoy doesn't know Riddle's diary is a horcrux, how does Dobby know to warn Harry about the danger he'll be facing? As far as Lucius knows, the diary will open the Chamber and the monster inside will attack muggle-borns. As Harry isn't a muggle-born, he wouldn't be in total danger. It's the memory, the horcrux that puts Harry at risk. How did Dobby know Harry would be in trouble? He can't have overheard it from Lucius, as Lucius didn't know. 

Why couldn't Ron's dress robes be magically altered? Harry and Ron make a few improvements, but they can't make the robes look nice. Surely Molly or Arthur or, like, any other witch or wizard could have made them nicer?

Why does Hermione lie and say she went looking for the troll in Sorcerer's Stone? When they're asked to explain themselves, surely they could have just said that Hermione was in the bathroom and they wanted to warn her about the troll?

Why did Godric Gryffindor have a sword? Dude was a wizard. Surely he didn't need a sword?

more coming soon  

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